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Don Majestic Hotel

Guevara Ottonello Architects

Project description

INSPIRATION: In the Design of the Hotel, the main objective was to create a sculptural and unique architectural shape, an innovative design, an Icon. Looking for that moment when architecture transcend itself. Trying to express poetic in architecture. Light and transparency, as a pure and curved shape, are main aspects of the project. In Don Majestic Hotel, the main objetive and challenge was to design with poetic, with courage and with passion, the sculptural shape of a Punta del Este Architectural Icon. UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Singularity and uniqueness are the main concepts that have guided the creation of the Hotel. For the design, and for the process of transforming the abstract concepts into the real, the Architects got inspired by nature, by the curves of nature. The studio designed a sculptural curved piece of architecture, conceived with the same concepts and the same spirit, from the macro to the micro scale, from the exterior design to the interior design. OPERATION / FLOW / INTERACTION: The studio designed two curved Architectural volumes. The main volume is vertical, with an elliptical plan that varies in size at every level, with a symmetry in the middle of the building. This main volume holds all the rooms of the hotel and many amenities. The secondary volume is horizontal and holds the hall and the cafeteria. It complements the main volume creating a balance between both volumes. The objective was to create a strong harmony in their aesthetics and between their forms. PRODUCTION / REALIZATION TECHNOLOGY: Innovative Engineering structure To materialize the sculptural shape of the building, with floor plans that vary in size, a very exceptional engineering structure was designed, with a unique central pillar in the core of the building. This enabled to benefit from uninterrupted incredible views. Innovative Curved Glazing Facade An essential aspect of the hotel is the Skin of the building. As the essence of the sculptural shape is the curve, curved glasses were installed in the whole building. SPECIFICATIONS / TECHNICAL PROPERTIES: The hotel is 5.900 m2. It has got 19 floors and it is 54 m tall. It has got 52 rooms: - 48 Standard rooms ( from 32 to 47 m2) - 4 Luxury Suites ( 81 m2) The hotel has also got several amenities, such as outdoor and indoor heated swimming pools, a fitness centre, a spa, a conference room, a restaurant and a cafeteria. RESEARCH ABSTRACT: Don Majestic Hotel is a freestanding building located in the touristic city of Punta del Este, that try to stand out from its surroundings, by the proposal of a sculptural shape, by the proposal of an attractive and innovative design CHALLENGE: The main requirement for the design of the hotel had been to try to build an innovative architecture, with a singular and unique shape. The client wanted to try to build a jewel. Therefore, the main objective and the main challenge was to create, to design, to conceive and then to develop an innovative design, an Architectural Jewel, an Icon. The mission was, not only to design, but also to create an emotion on people, to surprise, to seduce, with both exterior and interior design.

Project details
Location:Punta del Este, Uruguay
Studio NameGuevara Ottonello Architects
Lead designerArq Ian Guevara / Arq Natalia Ottonello
Photography creditsNacho Correa Belino
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