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Short description

DOMU is an Asian food restaurant where through the fusion of flavors, fragance, sounds, materials, shapes, textures, lighting, service and atmosphere becomes an unimaginable and pleasant experience for diners.

Inspired by Asian elements such as the ancient Chinese abacuses, represented in large-scale wooden circles, which rotate and moderate the view towards the interior and make the space more welcoming, but without limiting the entry of natural air.

An interesting parametric piece of furniture welcomes the customer giving the function of a waiting bench, becoming the reception furniture and extending to form the sushi bar. A work that was done partly with laser cutting and partly manually, designing piece by piece, all of them different from each other, to assemble them meticulously and achieve this incredible organic form. Behind this sculptural piece of furniture, a concrete wall with perfectly illuminated holes artistically displays different types of sushi, making a decorative element, but at the same time illuminating the space.

The mysticism and sobriety of DOMU is achieved through elements such as the black and white terrazzo floor handcrafted on site, the polished concrete or neolith corten steel walls that are repeated in several spaces, its imposing zebra marble bar, the extraordinary ceiling that seems to be clouds or mist that run through the place, from which spheres of light emerge, bathing and highlighting its texture and shapes.

The bathrooms are a surprise element for the user, with their enormous carbonized wood doors, walls intervened with Asian paintings by the artist L. Calatayud that surround enormous vessels, from which, when you pass your hand close to them, a stream of water suddenly appears and falls inside, acting as washbasins.

Entry details
Lead designerJorge Rafael Limon Calatayud
Design teamAdriana Limon Calatayud
Photography creditsLGM Studio
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