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Diversity and Cohesion

Peter Interior Design

Project description

The interior area is approximately 126 square meters, and in facilitating the preference of the owners of relaxing styling of Southern Ocean countries, the space was treated with a large amount of timber veneer elements. As the usually busy owner couple would like to have the most intimate interaction with their son, so another design core value was to maximize public domain with diverse usage functions, with private domains facilitating for relaxation and sleeping arrangement. Due to the simple population of the resident family, we converted one of the three rooms into a semi-open study, where dining and kitchen areas have reserved the transparent spatiality, as a living domain for gathering and interaction. In the public domain, we used the vertically-cut line work and steel-brushed veneer to establish a visual elevation, while designating an Oriental-styling window grille to demarcate the study and living room, with variously angled grey mirrors creating arrays of enriched layers. In order to achieve spatial independence and linkage with other domains through flexible-usage design, by using the demarcation of glass and grille folding doors, it was to allow study room to maintain its ideally cold ambiance temperature, as well as bringing in natural lighting and visual-enlargement effects. The elevation of the dining area has converted the existing fragmented niches to dining cabinets, display racks and storage spaces in becoming a theme wall of both complete functionality and aesthetics styling. The private spaces enjoy the continuity of the warm wooden materiality from the public spaces with storage cabinet volume installed on the wall surface, so as to maintain visual spaciousness for suitable sleeping ambiance.

Project details
Studio NamePeter Interior Design
Lead designerJung-Yuan Hou
Photography creditsPeter Interior Design

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