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Dasheng Weaving Art

Yejian Dedign

Short description

In November 2021, Dasheng Weaving Art was founded to commemorate Zhang Jian's founding of Dasheng Yarn Factory and the achievement of "The first city in modern China" to promote the development of Nantong. The weaving exhibition will re-present the craft and installation of weaving art to the world.

The exhibition hall with "warm life" as the theme, the whole space to imagine a world of cotton art.Creative combine modern space and ancient weaving process, will be weaving art to show. The whole hall by sequence area, subject, device, process exhibits, weaving experience area, viewing area, sequence at the entrance of the wall, through a whole line art shaft arrangement and preface, show the power of the cotton warm, A flower a world, the introduction of cloth weaving ocean. Stylist uses a lot of primitive、nature paint , the whole space plain and pristine, with the power of the warm, at the same time is an environmental sustainable architecture.

The longer I stay in the exhibition hall, the more I will have a sense of interlacing time and space. The old loom, the big dye vat, and the crafts of spinning quilt are all reproduced in a modern way. The new and old, the ancient and the present, glow with new vitality in the contrast, and integrate the sense of time and space into them.

Entry details
LocationHang zhou China
Studio Name Yejian Dedign
Lead designerYe Zeng Min
Photography creditsA Liang
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