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Architecture | Concept & Unbuilt

Cultural and Memorial Center of Puerto Escondido

Inca Hernandez Arquitectura

Project description

Puerto Escondido is known worldwide because of its surf-friendly waves. The project arises from the need to create a space dedicated to the cultural promotion of the area. It proposes the creation of large-scale educational and cultural spaces to promote the regional heritage. The building is planned as an educational and sociocultural space within a linear park, constituting a Master Plan on the coast. The volume integrates with the regional vegetation through internal gardens that work also as galleries, at the same time a platform is created where cultural and educational activities converge with a view to the ocean. The structure is designed elevated from the ground simulating a mangrove swamp, allowing adaptability with the ocean swell phenomenon. The facade of the building with wooden lattices, allows passing of the sea breeze. This connection with the surroundings is also transmitted on the roof which simulates the waves of the ocean and functions as a Skatepark.

Project details
Location:Puerto Escondido - Mexico
Studio NameInca Hernandez Arquitectura
Lead designerInca Hernandez
Design teamCollaborators: Maria Eugenia Porras, Framber Castro, Luz Mayra Nino.
Photography creditsInca Hernandez
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