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CR Apartment


Project description

The original area that this apartment now ocupies was a social floor of a Hotel Particulier with eleven living rooms and one bathroom. These ample rooms were adorned with colourful mural and ceiling paintings that the architect wanted to preserve. To start the architect did a carefull research of the building's history as well as the architecture era it illustrates. He also needed to understand the client's needs as well as her family's dynamics in order to better design their ideal home. The adjustment to a residencial program meant bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen would need to be integrated in the existing areas. In order to acomplish this in a discreet manner that would not interfeer with the rich decor of the walls and ceilings, structural furniture and partitions were added to create these new spaces, with the adition of materials that only accentuated the existing colors. Glass and mirrors with brass were prefered for these partition units and furniture. The transition between areas has an organic flow. The luxurious vibe and the blend between old and new is felt all throughout the apartment without separation lines. The main goal was for the interventions to be silent, so much so that they should go un-noticed and not dispute the attention for the pre-existing details. The history of the home is communicated through the preserved design details and extravagant touches, whilst the story of the residents and their preferences are subtly integrated into the apartment through their modern and minimalist updates.

Project details
Location:Lisbon - Portugal
Studio NameESQVTA
Lead designerVitor Almeida
Photography creditsRicardo Oliveira Alves
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