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Coppin Street Studio

Pitch Architecture + Design

Project description

Housed within the shell of an existing brick warehouse, Coppin Street Studio is deliberately conceived as an inward-focused sanctuary. The brainchild of Pitch Architect and Design, the premise is also the emerging practice’s headquarters. The interior of the warehouse conversion is finished exclusively in birch lining providing a warm and natural canvas which was envisioned as a calming escape from external stimulants. The malleable properties of the birch lining meant that the very same material could be used on the floor surface, wall linings, formed into continuous wall shelving and even curved surfaces within the space. The application of the material extensively throughout provided the interior space with a sculpture-like quality with the smooth curves juxtaposed against the sharp linear edges. Light penetration into the interior was carefully considered, dispersed through a curved skylight which tints the birch in changing shades throughout the day from soft pink hues to orange delight. The tactile nature of the birch timber brings visual relief and natural warmth to the space, contributing to a tranquil workplace upon which creative ideas and unique design solutions are cultivated.

Project details
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Studio NamePitch Architecture + Design
Lead designerBo Chu
Photography creditsBenjamin Hoskin
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