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Constantini Ltd. Corporate Offices


Project description

Located on the ninth floor of a new office building in downtown Vancouver, the new office space for Constantini Ltd. has been designed using the foundational values of the family owned business - integrity, reliability and resourcefulness. We consciously gave the space a classic modern foundation defined by strong linear lines and juxtaposed the order with curved organic forms and progressive lighting, representing the transition from one generation to the next. A fully functioning kitchen and family table was positioned as the heart of the office space giving a central place for every employee and guest to be part of the family. Walls were avoided throughout the space as much as possible, using millwork to define meeting and break out spaces. The boardroom for instance is made from sections of curved overlapping glass and walnut panels giving the space a simultaneously open yet intimate expression. Lighting was carefully designed to cue navigation through the office, with brighter moments at the entrance and walkways while provide intimacy in meeting spaces, and at workstations to reduce fatigue and eye strain. At the entrance to the office we designed a sculptural reception desk, embodying the company’s approach to excellence. In its fabrication the reception desk combining both computer controlled milling with the intricacy and care of hand craftsmanship creating an object that could only be possible with the mastery of both.

Project details
Location:Vancouver, BC
Studio NameRUFproject
Lead designerSean Pearson
Design teamMarco Mandelli, Edward Ozimek, Adrian McGeehan, Trevor Whitten, Eleonora Peris
Photography creditsEma Peter
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