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Concept Derivation and Implementation Strategies of A Ten-Bridge

S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)

Short description

Chishan Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Area is located in the southwest suburb of Jurong City. Once agricultural land, it has since been decommissioned and returned to its natural state as a wetland lake. The design eschews the typical way that based on research and analysis, explores potential feasible methods of capturing views like those found in classical garden painting albums, and connects the natural landscape through the construction of ten bridges. Besides, the number "Ten" has the meaning of perfection in Chinese culture. Thus, the concept has been separated into 3 cores, 1 line, and 2 points:
3 cores reflect the ancient tradition of “walking on three bridges” during the Lantern Festival for good fortune. They function as the center of automobile and boat traffic flow on the lake. The bridges’ names are Qingyang (blue sun), Hongyang (red sun), and Baiyang (white sun), which represent past, present, and future, respectively.
1 line connected by 5-footbridges symbolizes the abundance of grain and the 5 elements of Taoism. As a result, they are named: Huo Gu (fire, cereal crops), Xuan Gu (wood, fruits from trees such as apples), Jin Gu (gold, vine fruits such as watermelon), Shui Gu (water, water-grown greens such as kelp), and Tu Gu (earth, earth-grown greens such as cabbage).
2 points represent 2 bridges of the traffic flow line named Geng Yi (Work and Rest) and Diao Le (Fishing Happiness), which integrate farmland and fishing areas into a relatively quiet and sedate wetland space. In traditional Chinese literature, “Geng Diao” also refers to a reclusive official.
Following the metaphor of the bridge, one can not only fully experience the Chishan Lake wetland, but also achieve spiritual enlightenment under the support of the natural environment.

Entry details
LocationJurong City, Jiangsu Province, China
Studio NameS&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)
Lead designerSHEN Yang, YU Haiyang
Design teamSHI Yanrui, WENG Jinxin (Architecture); LAN Feng, YANG Qian, HE Chusheng, CAO Fei (Structure)
Photography creditsHOU Bowen, S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)
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