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Collection Morsetto Inspired by Vintage Craft Tools

Levantin design

Short description

Morsetto is a multifunctional collection of chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds and tables. It makes it possible to create a harmonious furnishing system for hotels and apartment complexes with a single identity. It is produced by the company DIZA Collective, which continues to work in Ukraine in these difficult times. The look of the collection is based on a balance of formal rigour and a wealth of elaborate details. It contains monumental upholstered elements, sinuous backrests with secluded headrests and ergonomic proportions. The sturdy base with curiously rounded hardwood legs adds further aesthetic value.

The Italian name is inspired by the elegant vintage solid wood clamp. This traditional tool of the craft workshops, was used to gently fix fragile parts. It is given a modern twist with rounded wooden supports, acting as a binding element of the collection. Their diagonal arrangement creates a sense of pressure, bringing the elements together in a single composition.

Entry details
LocationKharkiv, Ukraine
Lead designerSergei Lvov
Design teamSergei Lvov, Aleksandr Lvov
Consultant teamDIZA Collective
Photography creditsSergei Lvov, DIZA Collective
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