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Cidade BI4All

Pedra Liquida

Short description

Cidade BI4All is an industrial reconversion project for an IT services company. It proposes new habits of shared labour, reinventing working relations towards the flexibility of space and time, in the perspective of the (post-) COVID-19 pandemic life experience. Two warehouses of an old Sugar Factory were transformed into a creative cluster, where work is combined with moments of leisure, sports and temporary housing. In the reconversion process, it was important to maintain the existing volumes, reinforcing their great amplitude. The new interior metallic structures are self-supporting, not affecting the original construction system. New floors, materials and furniture were introduced, signalling those new functions yet maintaining a close relationship with the previous industrial memory.

Entry details
LocationLisbon, Portugal
Studio Name Pedra Liquida
Lead designerAlexandra Coutinho, Carlos Campos
Design teamNuno Grande, Guiomar Rosa, Rita Basto, Igor Almeida, Filipa Figueiredo, Filipa Júlio, Lourenço Barreto
Photography creditsAlberto Plácido
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