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Chongqing Forbidden City Cultural Relics South Relocation Memorial Hall


Short description

The original site has 4000 square meters of a building complex with a total of 8 terraces. The designer not only regards the memorial as a cultural attraction, but also believes that its significance is a multi-dimensional cultural superposition and inheritance. How to evoke the old memories and new impressions of the site, and how to link the ancient and future scenes, is the starting point of the design.
Based on the initial status of the site, we have retained a large number of historical bases, and reinterpreted and packaged the original structure and trees. Based on the primary texture, the visitors can feel the fusion of old and new in the city of Chongqing and the original beauty of nature.
The design introduces new structural forms and incorporates functions such as exhibitions, workshops, and education into the space. With a respectful, implicit and innovative attitude, the design realizes the dialogue between the old and the new and the organic renewal with a clear logic, which has established its own definition in the changes of time and space, adding a contemporary cultural place with profound significance to Chongqing city.

Entry details
LocationChongqing City,China
Studio Name BLUES
Lead designerMin Zeng
Design teamMei Qin、Linjun Zhou、HuaQiao Guan
Photography creditsXF photography
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