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China Development Headquarters


Short description

China Development Headquarters is located on the major boulevard, Dunhua North Road in Taipei City. The site is benefited by busy commercial activities with easy transportation access. The main building is retreated 50 meters from the Boulevard to reserve a large open space for the public, and the sidewalk with double tree lines connects nearby commercial streets, Taipei Cultural Center, and Taipei Municipal Stadium, forming a continuous green belt in the busy center.

The tower has total 18 floors and 5 underground levels. The symmetrical layout is configured at a diagonal angle of 8 degrees to the site to embraces the open plaza. The offices are planned on the 2nd-13th floor, and the 18th floor. The hotel on the 14th-17th floor with roof garden has excellent view of the city skyline and the green trees. The façade is designed to showcase a simple and modern architectural form while achieving sustainable energy efficiency. It is made of ultra-white double-layered glass curtain, aluminum panels and gneiss stone, with horizontal and vertical stepped retreats to lighten up the volume. The clear glass curtain walls reflect the sky and trees, allowing the building to quietly blend into the landscape.

The existing old banyan trees are preserved in situ, and are well integrated with seating and grass slope. The dense branches provide shade from the sun and rain, making the square an oasis in the city. Supplemented by the water pools, pavement and lightings, the open and flowing plaza becomes a comfortable strolling space. When it gets dark, the transparent glass cube on the south lights up to add the flavor to the city’s night life. China Development Headquarters has created a new urban landmark that is in harmony with the environment and nature.

Entry details
LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Lead designerKris Yao
Photography creditsShawn Liu Studio, Jeffrey Cheng, Chris Stowers
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