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Chengdu BMW Experience Center


Short description

The extension part of the installation is to provide a guide for the moving line of customers. From the different car model areas in the exhibition hall to the two-layer complex multi-functional spaces including lifestyle area, merch retail area, leisure area, tea room and café area, they are derived from and connected together by the triangular unit, which also integrates display, sales, customer experience and after-sales service at the same time.
The steel structure of the unit can be recycled in the future. The design of hall open to below heightens the visual space and improves the overall brightness, so as to reduce an array of lighting arrangements, meanwhile the cost is saved and the power consumption is reduced.
The second floor is a relatively independent customer restaurant and internal office area, while on the third, fourth and fifth floors are specialized maintenance workshops. In the multi-functional complex, we focus on the moving lines diversion in the overall design, and thus independent moving lines that do not affect each other are designed for customers, service personnel and workshop workers.
In our point of view, a good design is not a pile of materials, so we take the simple wood grain color and white as the main tone of the whole space. As an environmentally friendly material, the colored wood grain aluminum profile will not release harmful elements such as radon and formaldehyde, etc, and has a strong plasticity. More importantly, it not only lasts longer than solid wood, but also can protect the ecological environment by replacing solid wood and reduce the waste of material resources. The facade made of white stainless steel are reusable, safe and secure, and will not change color or rust, which enhances the simplicity of the overall space while following the sustainable concept of reuse.

Entry details
LocationChengdu - China
Lead designerHihope Zhu
Design teamJane Fang, Chang Xu
Photography creditsVincent Wu
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