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Chasing Light – Overland Headquarters & Showroom


Short description

The project is located in Foshan, China. As a part of ceramic tile brand Overland's headquarters, it integrates the functions of reception, exhibition and experience, and aims to upgrade the brand’s image.
The reception lobby breaks the original high and closed space, lowers the height of the ceiling, and creates interesting forms and a sense of strength, which visually extends the interior surfaces, enriches the spatial layers and effectively removes the oppressive feeling brought by closed space.
The design displays the brand image in an interactive manner, and creates connection between the 12 square columns and the brand. Brand display is realized based on multimedia that provides a tactile experience, stimulating visitors to interpret the brand by touching rock slabs.
Several transitional spaces are inserted to link spatial nodes, which produce a calm atmosphere before visitors enter the spatial climax, generating a strong sense of surprise.

Entry details
LocationFoshan, Guangdong,China
Lead designerXie Peihe
Photography creditsOuyang Yun
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