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Charleval Medical Centre


Short description

This health center project led by the public entity of Lyons Andelle started June 2018. It aims at gathering in one location a multidisciplinary crew of doctors and health-care professionals. These initiatives are multiplying in countryside so as to make up for the lack of practitioners outside major cities. This local equipment, located between Charleval city center and the former brick train station, takes place in the continuity of an old brick hall to rehabilitate. Its materiality and tone are inspired by the existing construction, and contribute to its elegance and sobriety.
The surrounding planted ditches create a natural filter to afford privacy to the doctors’ practices. The adjacent paths contribute to guide patients to the reception hall. Building entrance is easily recognisable by its porch surmounted by a pediment. This volume welcomes the double height of the hall. Once inside, the building is organised around patios, along which the doctors’ practices and waiting rooms are distributed. Those outdoor areas provide natural ventilation and light of the whole building. They were design as well to offer a rest area for the professionals and visitors in where you can wait, have a break, or simply discover the medicinal plants.
We imagined a building with clean and sober lines, a brick façade that materializes our aim of sustainability. The various brick implementations and openings’ regularity reinforce the façades rhythm. The project involves a functional organization of spaces, easily understandable from outside. The basic volume is parallelepiped, where we dug two patios in order to bring light and outside spaces. Only the entrance volume emerges from it, giving the building all its poise. Its overall size and shape indicate our aim to integrate it harmoniously in the surrounding urban environment, with balanced proportions between filled and empty spaces, mineral and vegetal components, building and green areas.

Entry details
LocationCharleval, France
Lead designerAnne-Julie MARTINON and Marc-Antoine RICHARD-KOWIENSKI
Design teamEconomist – BMF // Structural building engineering - I+A Ingénierie // Various Roadworks and piping networks : LMP Ingénierie // Thermal, electrical, environmental engineering - CHOULET // Acoustician - Acoustique Vivié & Associés // SPC Coordinator – EFFISEO
Photography creditsFlorence VESVAL
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