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César Belio Selected Works


Photographed by:

César Belio

Short description

Graduated in 2020 with a degree in Architecture from the Vasco de Quiroga University (UVAQ) in the city of Morelia, Mexico.
In 2019 César Belio begins to experiment in his studio focused on the visual documentation of architectural work and the development of architectural projects.

In the process of the career he discovers that both passions, architecture and photography, converge in the same point, thus generating his interest
in this profession. Since then he has dedicated himself to documenting architecture inside and outside the city of Morelia, focusing on the work of emerging architects in Mexico.

His photography is characterized by showing a quiet, solitary and contemplative architecture, buildings enveloped by shadow and small gestures
generated by light, spaces that house the subject who observes and discovers, evoking a role of a visitor rather than a permanent user.

Entry details
LocationMorelia - México
Studio Name CBSTD
Photographer NameCésar Belio
Photography creditsCésar Belio
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