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Central China Kaifen Tai He Maison Experience Center

Maudea Design Studio

Short description

We study the culture of Kaifeng, a famous capital of ancient China, combine local traditions with contemporary design styles, and create an urban "Aman" for the urban elite, where they can live close to nature and experience history in the city center at the same time. The huge pine tree in the atrium (pine tree stands for "welcoming guests" in Chinese culture) give warm welcome to guests, and also radiate natural vitality in the space. Most of the space uses beige as the main color, and large floor-to-ceiling windows introduce natural light, combined with the design of indoor lighting to create a healing light and shadow effect.

Entry details
LocationKaifen, China
Studio NameMaudea Design Studio
Lead designerWally Mau
Photography creditsMaudea Design Studio
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