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Cat feeding station “Garçon s’il vous plait” for LucyBalu

sieger design GmbH & Co. KG

Short description

For the premium brand LucyBalu, sieger design has developed the cat feeding station GARÇON s.v.p. with high-quality porcelain bowls. The stylishly designed set allows owners to easily serve their cats’ meals without needing to crouch down. It includes a shallow cylindrical bowl, a bowl with handle, a slow feeder with relief pattern and a cloche to cover the food. All the porcelain bowls can be served on a tray, which has circular recesses to hold them securely in place. Even if you swing it in the air, the bowls won’t move. Of course, they are stackable, dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. A special edition with an elegant black and white design and gold-layered porcelain handles is dedicated to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat Choupette.

Entry details
LocationSassenberg - Germany
Studio Namesieger design GmbH & Co. KG
Lead designerMichael Sieger
Photography creditsLucyBalu
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