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Casas de Outiz

UCHI Arquitetura

Short description

Welcome to Casas de Outiz, a modern residential development featuring contemporary bi-family houses. Embracing a pure and elegant design, these homes boast clean lines and large window openings thoughtfully placed to welcome natural light in a harmonious manner. The entire project was meticulously crafted with a strong emphasis on connecting with the surrounding environment, enhancing the quality of living in every space.

The architectural approach yields an envelope of simplicity, devoid of unnecessary embellishments, exuding a captivating minimalism that effortlessly intertwines with the play of light throughout the day. Casas de Outiz stands as a testament to the seamless union between innovative design and the captivating allure of nature.

(Still under development)

Entry details
LocationVila Nova de Famalicão - Portugal
Lead designerNuno Caridade and Margarida Moura
Design teamNuno Caridade | Margarida Moura | Alexandre Marinho | Fernando Gonçalves | Manuel Silva
Photography creditsNuno Caridade and Margarida Moura (Renders)
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