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Casa SV


Short description

The Architecture betrays not what has been requested. The Design of the interior wants to do them both justice. Wanting to do justice to an architecture of pure and minimalist forms and wanting to do justice to the desires of those who shall call it dwelling, ends up not being a mere “just”.
The simple lines, the delicate and soft shapes, the smooth textures, the colours and the neutral shades, the natural materials worked on the very least way possible, so that the absence of the ostentatious luxury becomes the privilege of the most essential comfort. The creation of settings that are comfortable to touch and soft to look, so that – here – one can experience tranquillity and contemplation.

Entry details
LocationSobrado, Portugal
Studio Name Olivegrey
Lead designerJuliana Bragança e Marta Martins
Photography creditsJoão Morgado
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