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Architecture | Multi Unit Housing

Casa Santos

Maria Gomez + Héctor Coss + Giovanni Ocampo

Short description

Casa Santos tries to respond to the hypergrowth of Todos Santos, BCS, to through a sustainable, resilient architecture in tune with the natural and urban context. It is a place of rest, reflection and life that participates in the dialogue between the desert of Baja California and the Pacific Ocean.
It is composed of four modules (cubes) of a plant and equal dimensions: a room with a kitchen and three rooms with individual bathrooms.
Each of the four cubes is integrated to the outside through a gate sliding that acts as a facade. From inside, it's a window and a passage towards an architecture of geometries that unfold in the desert and the sea. From the outside, the gates reflect and multiply the structures and the landscape to the rhythm of the sun, the shadows and the moon.
The unifying element of the house is a slightly tinted with a "sunset pink." The corrugated form works as structure and finish at the same time. The gutters provide geometry and visual rhythm to interior and exterior spaces. At the same time, walls function as temperature insulation in a desert than in minutes it goes from hot to cold. On the facades, the ribbed cuticle generates Shades to reduce heat during the day. In a seismic region and exposed to oceanic change, the concrete becomes shelter.
The doors of the units and machine areas are made with the original steel formwork from the casting. waste recycling of work provides sustainability and a unique aesthetic dimension to the project.
Responding to the three-story mansions that are proliferating from Cabo San Lucas, the minimalism of Casa Santos wants to go unnoticed.
Nor does he want to isolate himself behind a fence. The house is integrated into a community drawn on an axis with three courtyards: one facing the sunrise, the courtyard where everything points to an endemic tree and a western patio marked by the pool and the solarium.
Casa Santos opens to the desert, to the adjoining villages and to the spaces community. At the same time, it becomes a space of silence and privacy.

Entry details
LocationTodos Santos, México
Studio NameMaria Gomez + Héctor Coss + Giovanni Ocampo
Lead designerMaria Gomez + Héctor Coss + Giovanni Ocampo
Design teamEric Robles
Photography creditsJaime Navarro
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