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Casa Rancho Avándaro

Chain + Siman

Short description

Casa Rancho Avándaro is a weekend retreat designed to make the most of its extensive natural surroundings. The house is a commanding presence on the landscape, striking a balance between its well-tended gardens and imposing stone buildings. It is located in Valle de Bravo, a popular weekend retreat destination for Mexico City´s inhabitants.
The project is based on Mexican haciendas: solid and pure volumes combined with locally sourced materials and patios. It consists of three volumes contained by stone walls that partition the inside. The stonework integrates itself with the ironwork and wood; the space dialogues with the straightforward rusticity of the architecture, giving the home a contemporary and innovative twist.
The living and dining room are in the central structure, while one of the wings contains the master bedroom and a mezzanine for the study, and the other one houses the kitchen and other service areas. All volumes are placed in such a way that they soak in as much natural light as possible.
Each volume has a gable roof supported by timber beams. The locally-sourced yellow stone and huge glass panels create axes of natural lighting, generating links with the outside world. The interior design revolves around the use of lighting and natural finishes such as the exposed stonework, black ironwork features, wood of various hues and poured concrete.
Since the surrounding woods in Valle de Bravo can get quite cold in the evenings, the design allows thermal and acoustic insulation even in large high-rise spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as hydronic heating.
Harmony between architecture, interior design, furniture, and art was sought right from the start. The result reflects a combination of luxury, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Clean lines, natural palettes and the use of noble materials create an elegant dialogue between light, space and textures.

Entry details
LocationValle de Bravo, Mexico
Studio Name Chain + Siman
Lead designerRenatta Chain + Lina Siman
Design teamCollaboration: Modo Manera
Photography creditsRafael Gamo
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