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Casa Patios

Ricardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos

Short description

This project consists of a single-family house located on land where the main objective was to conserve the young guayaba tree that became the central axis of the project.
Thanks to its central location, the immediate context of the project has interesting and particular characteristics, which favored interior-exterior integration

One of the intentions of the project was that through its design and distribution it will grant views of the entire terrain through its transparency on the ground floor, thus allowing the contemplation of the breadth of the site. Considering the architectural program, the decision was made to design the house in two volumes that are joined by a bridge, which crosses two strategically designed patios, these allow the regulation of temperature inside through cross ventilation; taking advantage of the climatic conditions of the area throughout the year.

The main patio is larger, it functions as the core of the house and the main visual finish, housing the Guava tree recovered and transplanted on a pot with a bench utility. This space opens onto the living room, dining room and games room; having a direct relationship with the complementary gardens, integrating these common areas to be enjoyed together.

The secondary patio was conceived as an outdoor dining room with direct communication with the kitchen and with a view of the main patio, which is enveloped by the two volumes that house the rest of the program, as well as by a large floating wall that embraces the House. The private areas were integrated into the second level of both volumes, where the configuration of the main bedroom made up of large slabs and floating concrete elements stands out.

Entry details
LocationMexico City
Studio NameRicardo Yslas Gamez Arquitectos
Lead designerRicardo Yslas Gamez
Photography creditsJaime Navarro
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