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Casa para Invitados

Lucas Maino Fernandez Arquitectos

Project description

The project is located on the Isla Grande de Chiloé, Chile and was born from the speculation of betting on new information technology scenarios in terms of possibilities of offering your home as an accommodation option through an application or rental software, in this way the project capitalizes itself through the promotion and tourism development proposed by the area. The land is relatively flat, on the north, south and west sides, it borders other houses. While its eastern face offers a landscape of the Andes mountain range in the continental Chilean territory. These conditions are the ones that direct the building in a single direction, establishing the privacy problem in the project, in response the west, north and south facades are transformed into a semi-exterior corridor, which is surrounded by a lattice, generating a intermediate space between interior and exterior, being at the same time the unifier of the project. As a general strategy, the project proposes a single volume that rises from the ground, which houses two programs that coexist; One third of the building corresponds to the housing sector, and the remaining two thirds to a lodging or lodging area, each zone has an independent access which is joined by the semi-exterior corridor. Thus, Guest House presents a proposal to problems related to the advancement of technology and leasing, as opposed to a home inhabited by its owner. A project that raises architecture as the protagonist, where it takes over the land, which works both as a hitch and as an attraction in itself for visitors. Finally, a volume that mediates between residents and visitors.

Project details
Location:Chonchi - Chile
Studio NameLucas Maino Fernandez Arquitectos
Lead designerLucas Maino Fernandez
Design teamAmanda Pino, Cristina Gonzalez, Maira Olivares
Photography creditsMarcos Zegers
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