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TAC Taller Alberto Calleja

Short description

Casa Leria is located on a 3,800m² plot of land facing the Pacific Ocean in “El Tomatal” seafront, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.
In order to meet the use and dwelling requirements of the family an extensive program of areas was developed.
The challenge and intentions revolved around the idea of developing the project without it being invasive, regardless the density of the program and ensuring that it formally blended into the existing vegetation. Based on this premise, we decided to deconstruct the entirety of the complete mass and distribute it in eight modules, which would include the palapa-pool-kitchen, the social tower, the bedrooms, the worker’s area, and the parking lot. By constructively isolating the modules from each other, we achieved to create individual elements and spaces only interconnected by the circulation bridges, generating a minimal impact on the territory.
Additionally, we proposed that the entire vegetation area of the footprint generated by the construction to be transplanted onto the roofs of each module, thereby giving back to the place we modified a regeneration of the vegetation layer, which will also serve as a climatic shield for the interior of each module.
The house expresses the effort from our initial reach to fit the 1,100m² of construction kindly in the 3,500m² available. The scale and density of the construction is hidden by the local vegetation and is meant to be discovered one space at the time and its in-between circulations full of sensorial experiences.

Entry details
LocationOaxaca, Mexico
Lead designerAlberto Calleja
Design teamJorge Herrero, Pedro Pesqueira
Photography creditsOnnis Luque
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