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Caozitou Bench


Short description

CAOZITOU is a furniture brand founded by STUDIO8, focusing on the research of materiality and cultural connection. It‘s deeply rooted in the belief that furniture should aim for a fun, yet simple experience that resonates with the space, and is environmentally and culturally responsible.
CAOZITOU Bench is visually inspired by the radical “⺾(CAOZITOU)” in Chinese characters, which means “the upper radical of grass”.It sets a unique harmonious tone for the space, creating an ambient for the union of the furniture and space. It’s made of plywood with a metal reinforced structure,aiming to create an effortless shape formed by three simple strokes of even thickness – a long horizontal and two short vertical ones. The horizontal stroke naturally gives the bench a sharing character as a seat, while the two vertical strokes serve as support as well as dividers that create an in-between space for the users to place something. It belongs to part of the furniture as well as the environment.
Besides its form, CAOZITOU furniture has two other characteristics - the function to attach and detach easily and its flexibility in style. A small table, called “hat” and extension legs called “boots” are designed to attach to the basic form for more comfort and engagement as well as the possibility to change styles with different material combinations.
CH28 is a collection of five CAOZITOU benches inspired by different natural phenomenon: Magma, Fumarole, Eucalypt, Aurora and Blue Flame. They unfold and reveal different material expressions of textures, shades, and patterns to take shape in interesting compositions, styles and aesthetics, raising awareness to the changes of our earth.

Entry details
LocationShanghai, China
Studio Name STUDIO8
Lead designerShirley Dong
Design teamShirley Dong, Andrea Maira  , STUDIO8 design team, Marie Donnou
Photography creditsCH28 collection – Jean Baptiste CZT basic – STUDIO8
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