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Project description

This building was built in 1980, located in the center of Taipei city, is a duplex five-story building which lacks of complete organization and in a poor state of repair.This is a project on the 4th and 5th floor ,and is a house for the son and his newly married wife.The client hope the house can be passed to generations and a comfortable place to host the family and their friends . It essentially wanted to create places of interaction, multi-use spaces and a music classroom for the wife to teach violin and piano.To celebrate the marriage, the couple decide to refurnish the house. The brief was simple: to design a house in a functional and comfortable style. “They left all of the initiative to us for the design, ” recalls the designer CHANG-I Lin. The immediate reaction was to make the house which became united with light. Two factors were paramount in the design of this project. First, a lot of importance was placed on the spatial reconstruction to make the layout full of diversity ; secondly, all rooms had to let the light in. The house takes the form of an I shape ,The living room is dark and small without any natural light into the house . Wall mold, unorganized plumbing ,no storage space are all problems in this old home. Because of the poor spatial proportions, it’s really inconvenient for the couple to live here.The space called for an obvious solution: to remove additions ,to let the light in and to concentrate the new interventions. In response to the owner who hoped a house with multifunctional space for get-together with friends and family, we separated area for public and private use. We have turned the space into two different area : upper floor (5th floor) is for the guest and down floor (4th floor) is private area for the host.On the down floor ,the private area ,the welcoming and spacious open-plan kitchen and dining area are unordinary located at the heart of the home, serving as a better space suited to family living. The original two rooms have been combined and converted to wood framed floor family room with more flexibility for all members in the family ,even the coming baby. Since the site was surrounded on three sides by other buildings ,and directly abutted the road, we conceived of a house that was protected outside but seemingly expansive inside. We removed partition wall and used sliding doors with glass to create this sense of transparency. These doors make it possible to subdivide the large space according to application or situation, and allow for changes in private and public aspects of the house, and expand a home through the composition of its spatial and tectonic elements . The aim was to create places of interaction ,multi-use spaces and allow a constant flow of fresh air inside. In the master bedroom, the layering of two arches and three sliding doors defines multiple levels of privacy for the room meanwhile reinforces a connection to light. The upper floor contains the living room ,small bar ,garden and a classroom for the wife who teaches the child violin from home.This area captures the turning of time through the interplay of light and shadows ,as daylight cascades through the skylight , creates a comfortable zone physical and mental relaxation, and defines a home through the composition of its spatial and tectonic elements. In this warm and interesting house, every look reveals careful attention to detail and an invitation to spatial elements .The main theme of the house was to embody the facility with multiple function. Thus, each piece of furniture , material selection and accessory plays its part , contributing to an overall sense of balance and harmony.

Project details
Lead designerCHANG-I ,LIN
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