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Campañó football field

Santos y Mera Arquitectos

Short description

In Campañó, on the outskirts of the city of Pontevedra, there was a compacted land soccer field with a dilapidated building for changing rooms. The planned action was intended to improve the field by making a new artificial grass pavement and providing it with new facilities for changing rooms, toilets, canteen, infirmary, stands and warehouses, as well as new lighting for the field and the urbanization of part of the surroundings.
The new building had its location conditioned by the topography and the affections of the high-voltage lines that are in the perimeter of the plot, therefore, given its surface, it had to occupy practically all the space available on the eastern side of the field, becoming a barrier between the only possible access from the road and the soccer field. A building is then proposed that organically plays in volume to adapt to the different functional spaces it must house, but which fractures to make it passable. This breakdown of the initial volume into small specialized pieces allows us to deform and rearrange them to generate small access roads to the countryside and buildings. In these smaller, cleaner, continuous volumes, the singularity is found in the cutting areas where the accesses and light inputs are concentrated.
The ramp access from the road to a higher level turns the roofs into one more facade and as such they are treated giving continuity to the facade material which helps to understand the buildings as part of the only initial volume, while the facades to the Inner streets are treated with a metal mesh that solves the void areas and marks the cut areas of that volume.
The interior spaces maintain the exterior shape of the buildings and the grandstand piece is singled out by partially emptying it to generate the covered grandstand.
The scale and volume of the pieces and ensemble evoke in the distance a small village at the foot of the access road, where a small square is configured from which the alleys that give access to the buildings depart and have as background the green of the countryside.

Entry details
LocationPontevedra, Galicia, Spain
Lead designerJose Jorge Santos, Jose Carlos Mera
Design teamGustavo Perez Alvarez
Photography creditsHéctor Fdez. Santos-Díez
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