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CalCal – Personal calorie calculator

HCL Technologies Ltd. / STRIDE

Short description

In a digital age where everything is tracked, why should our food be left behind? To achieve our desired fitness and health goals, it is paramount to be able to accurately track the nutritional value of what we eat. Measuring meals provides quantitative data which helps health-conscious individuals like athletes, fitness models, people with restrictive diets, or even people with a desire to live a healthy life, plan out their meals and workout routines. It has been observed that tracking food and its nutritional values using conventional methods can be cumbersome. Hence, we present a seamless and innovative modern-age solution.

The appliance Cal-Cal (Calorie Calculator) in conjunction with the Cal-Cal mobile app provides nutritional information about macros of the meal and creates a database for the user’s reference. The app becomes your personal trainer who assists you in keeping a daily food journal.

Our device is composed of strategically placed sensors and a turntable. The NIRED sensors (near Infrared) scan the protein, carbohydrates, and fat content in the food. The AI-based camera placed at the apex takes pictures and identifies the food contents. The LIDAR sensor scans the volume of the food. And finally, the weighing sensor weighs the food. This device is designed always to provide a consistent environment when analyzing food. When computed, all the acquired data gives accurate information about the food contents.

To operate the Cal-Cal appliance, place the food on the turntable, and press the power button. The turntable rotates while the sensors located on the spine take a 360-degree scan of the entire plate. The circular display shows the status while the arced screen displays the output in a matter of few seconds.
Cal-Cal can be your one stop solution to a hassle-free and expeditious experience of having control over your diet.

Entry details
LocationBengaluru - India
Studio NameHCL Technologies Ltd. / STRIDE
Lead designerVinayak Kumar
Design teamKanishk Singh, Gurgenius Singh Kapoor & Shatakshii Shukla
Photography creditsGurgenius Singh Kapoor & Kanishk Singh
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