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Cal Xerta

Mias Architects

Short description

The project proposes the use of paper as the main element in all the interior intervention of the building and museography.
In the lower part, where the machines are located, paper is the support for the informative graphic elements. While in the upper levels dedicated to the workshop and various activities, the paper is the reve¬timent with which we wrap the spaces, both walls and ceilings. We use white or unbleached paper and leave the possibility of colour in some specific points of the intervention.

We also make use of different textures and materials of these papers so that the menages provide information in a subtle way about this world that we want to explain and share with the visitors and users of the spaces.

In the lower spaces of the mill, where the machines are, the intervention is to provide information about the recommended route. The information is provided on a paper support, fixed to the walls so that there is no construction element apart from the necessary protections and handrails.
The space below is therefore subject to the minimum intervention.

We believe that the current machines clearly convey the idea of what was. Likewise, we believe that the paper hooked on the brick wall support should be the element that conveys the message of the mill itself, as well as the exhibition spaces. On the upper levels for activities, we wallpapered the inside of the building, as was done in the past in houses, but with different types of paper and textures.

We don’t want to make an artistic intervention but to take the paper to a context of quotidianeïtat, of simply covering it.

Entry details
LocationBarcelona - Spain
Lead designerJosep Mias
Photography creditsAdrià Goula
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