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Cadboro Bay Beach House

Falken Reynolds

Short description

An athletic family of five found their dream location to build a 5,400 sf house near Victoria British Columbia, Canada. They wanted the beach brought indoors by maximizing sight lines and using a driftwood palette which wouldn’t compete with their art collection. Wanting the home to tell a local story, it was also to be durable and effortless.

The interior compliments the modern architecture with an approach of warm-minimalism. Clean lines balanced with subtle details like the thin frames around the kitchen millwork extend to the steel island counter and the custom pendant above.

We proposed widening the kitchen glazing to the backsplash, extending the cooking area outdoors utilizing Corian drawer faces. The mudroom millwork of Fenix laminate, Corian and concrete, and even a built-in faucet by the dog dishes in the mudroom / rear entry provide durability and convenience.

Crafting the local story also reduced the carbon footprint of transporting materials. The powder room sink is formed of a single marble block quarried and CNC’d on Vancouver Island. The hemlock ceiling is locally grown and milled. Much of the wood furniture was commissioned by craftspeople at IZM in neighbouring Alberta. The Bocci 73.V dining pendants, referencing the tranquil bay waters, are handblown in Vancouver. Plastered shower walls, void of grout lines to scrub, eliminated importing heavy porcelain tiles.

Entry details
LocationVictoria, British Columbia, Canada
Lead designerChad Falkenberg
Design teamMarina Hauner, Kelly Reynolds, Jeff Liu, Brad Yuen
Consultant teamArchitect Chris Foyd; General Contractor Billy Thistle, Point Break Developments
Photography creditsPhotos: Ema Peter - Video: Shelter Films
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