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Cachepots Aiuola

Levantin design

Short description

The Aiuola (which means flower bed in Italian) cachepot is an expressive decision for greening common spaces. The combination of rounded forms and nuance colour palette allowed us to create the brightly individual decorative cachepot. The specific feature of Aiuola is the smooth curves of its body. To create it, the maximum radius of the forming machine bridge is used. As a result, two U-shaped sheets of steel with air perforation holes on their sides put together with elegant joints are created. The bottom of the body is carved with a laser and has additional hardness which allows avoiding sagging. The strong tube base is all-welded for reliable settlement and movement. You can place only one Aiuola or create your own arrangements or ornamental hedges to divide the space. This allows using the cachepot at modern galleries, museums and halls of entertainment centers. The cachepots may also be used outside, in entrance rooms or on terraces. Also the rack Aiuola is the system of vertical storage with convenient height between the shelves, for which “there is always enough sunlight.

Designer: Sergei Lvov
Year of creation: 2022

Entry details
LocationKharkiv - Ukraine
Lead designerSergei Lvov
Design teamSergei Lvov, Aleksandr Lvov
Photography creditsSergei Lvov, Aleksandr Lvov
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