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Baumeister Jürgen Haller GmbH

Short description

Despite their apparent simplicity, small "cabins" have always been a welcome design challenge, where scale and materiality had to be resolved to get the maximum benefit from minimal spaces.

Situated on a steep slope, this project sits harmoniously within its surroundings and embeds itself naturally into the terrain of the Rhine Valley. The compact, simple and constructive form of the structure is used by the client as a barn and storage space for landscape equipment.

The design of the facade has been clad in different lengths from the leftover material of the client, who supplies the staircase industry. The sophisticated solution and materiality add a special atmosphere to the building and its surroundings. In addition to the exciting design, we were also able to make a positive contribution to the issue of sustainability.

Entry details
LocationRheintal, Switzerland
Lead designerBaumeister Jürgen Haller
Photography creditsAlbrecht Imanuel Schnabel
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