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Caav Customizable Door Hardware

Caav LLC

Short description

Caav makes operable door hardware a new design medium.

Caav introduces an interior/exterior door lockset designed specifically for customization by architectural designers. The mechanism requires no exposed fasteners, metal latch plates extending from the jamb, or slots or buttons for the privacy lock. The entire case, strike, and handles are an open design palette. The Caav lockset casing and handles can be made with nearly any material or combination of materials, including: most metals, concrete, acrylic, stone, ceramics, textiles, wood, glass, and carbon fiber. Customization can involve straightforward modification of basic Caav designs, or more elaborate ground-up builds from the Caav design envelope.

Caav co-founder and designer Cameron Carr notes, “design clients encounter their door hardware perhaps more than anything else during the day, and until now this medium has been out of reach of most designers. That just didn’t make sense to us. Architectural designers don’t have to settle for what they happen to find off-the-shelf or be limited to mixing and matching catalog parts and finishes. Caav allows full customization to fit any design and space.”

The internal mechanism is built to last generations and is made mainly from machined metal, advanced composites, and stainless-steel components. The mechanism offers mortise lock level security and reliability, with a smaller vertical profile. Installation is straightforward and the units can be retrofit onto doors with existing cylinder and mortise locks. Interior and exterior passage, closet, in and outswing, privacy, and manual deadbolt mechanisms are currently available along with passive door and cabinet hardware. Electronic deadbolts, units for mortise and multipoint locks, and vertical designs are planned for release soon.

The images illustrate some possible examples. Production pieces will uniquely reflect the spaces they are designed for.

Entry details
LocationSanta Barbara, United States
Studio Name Caav LLC
Lead designerCameron Carr
Design teamAndrew Vonnegut
Photography creditsCameron Carr, Andrew Vonnegut
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