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CA Offices

LC arquitectura

Short description

CA OFFICES with a design conceived to house 2 companies from different branches, poultry and transportation, of 5 partners that during the pandemic sought to create spaces of greater comfort and safety for their entire work team. The project ranged from design, construction, remodeling, rehabilitation, landscaping, interior design to the smallest detail, designing much of the furniture and works of art. Through architecture and design, greater productivity was generated for each member of the company, creating spaces for collaboration, distributing and relocating warehouses and workshops, forming new offices in these spaces with views, ventilation, and connection with nature.

With timeless architecture, a sculptural atmosphere, and mystical interiors where spaces were designed to have adequate natural light to work during the day, which can be regulated by users through louvers that open and close, and large windows. from floor to ceiling that allow the circulation of air that runs through all the offices, making spaces comfortable and aesthetic.

The CA Offices located in the city of Córdoba, Veracruz, are in operation 24 hours a day, which is why they were designed with different scenes of artificial light completely made of LED, to generate different environments depending on the time and the use that is made. gives them at all times, highlighting architectural and natural textures, materials and artistic elements or simply creating a harmonious space for the user. The office environment generated by its color palette and materiality, gives an air of elegance and even a museographic sensation.

3 elements that stand out in the CA offices, the majestic stones that with great strength and character create a connection between the interior and the exterior, leaving part of them in each environment; the sculptural rolled metal staircase that emphasizes the access and externally connects the 2 office levels; and the floating trees that surprise the viewer and harmonize the spaces.

On the upper floor we generate a space of inspiration with three-dimensionality and a touch of surrealism generated by lighting elements, a floating tree, a sculptural trunk, and an entrance of natural light, which favors the offices, as part of the comfort and experience generated by visiting these offices.

Woven works of art float through various spaces, delimiting them and generating privacy, sculptures and also elements such as metal plates and stones were intervened by local artists specifically for this project, providing a rich artistic environment. The ceiling lights stand out by having a metallic framework that allows a glimpse of the exposed facilities, to keep in mind the industrial touch, where lines of light run from side to side through the spaces.

The main private rooms have a common meeting room to share among partners and friends, where materials such as tapestries, rugs and wood were used to soundproof and through the reflective barrisol a sensation of infinity was created after the metallic framework. .

Entry details
LocationCordoba, Veracruz, Mexico
Studio NameLC arquitectura
Lead designerJorge Limon, Adriana Limon
Photography creditsJaime Navarro
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