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Kavi Design and Engineering Agency

Product description

During the Covid-19 pandemic that started in late 2020 and affected the whole world, many patients who do not need to be hospitalized although diagnosed positively are monitored from home and frequently checked by healthcare professionals. Contact tracking process involves healthcare professionals to go to the residents of citizens and taking a swab from everyone and making the requirements according to the test result. Contact tracking, requires a lot of time and workload, also dangerous for healthcare personnel. C-KIT is a test and monitoring kit that aims to facilitate the contact tracking process. With the pulse oximeter, disposable thermometer bands, PCR swabs, masks and disinfectants in this kit, which is sent to the home of patients with a positive diagnosis, it enables both remote patient monitoring and safe PCR tests of other contacts. Using the swabs included in the kit, other contact residents can take a swab from themselves by using the guide included in the kit. At the same time, the positively diagnosed patient provides the rational information to the healthcare personnel who take care of him remotely by using pulse oximetry and thermometer bands.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameKavi Design and Engineering Agency
Lead designerMelis Dizdar
Location:Ankara - Turkey
Photography creditsMelis Dizdar
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