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BSA Law Firm


Project description

THE BRIEF: The corporate law HQ of BSA needed to escape the stereotype of dark, cold spaces with rows of desks and no natural light. They wanted to create a modern, welcoming networking space for clients since a major part of their business model relies on that, but their old office set up is not fit for that purpose. Furthermore they needed to retain and appeal to top talent which helps them also maintain their leading status in the region. THE CHALLENGE: How to create an approachable, modern, smart, social and open networking space while at the same time retaining functionality, privacy and corporate standing? THE DESIGN / SOLUTION: The spacial design breaks the stereotype of law firms in the region and brings a fresh approach on how to do business in it. By relying on the ideas of transparency and versatility of space, it can transition from private daily use sections ie: conference & meeting rooms, to social networking open space whenever required. A simple fold of custom-designed revolving and collapsible glass frames can help the different spaces to connect and disconnect whenever required. The space experience: Directly from entrance, the visitor gets a peak of the library and hospitality bar through the wood louvers from behind the reception. Surrounded by the different types and sizes of meeting rooms. These 2 elements play a dynamic role in the office and are at the heart of the action. Other spaces can connect or disconnect from them through a simple fold of the revolving and collapsible glass panels. Space Innovations: - The revolving wood louvers allow for open-closed space play. - Facing the entrance and hidden behind rotating louvers, visitors can find the library where they can have informal meetings. - The modular rhythmic glass panels rotate and fold, creating a fully open space Flow. They ensure versatility, opening the space when BSA hosts networking events or when combining the two conference rooms. - The modular conference tables permit different formation possibilities, they can even collapse depending on the requirement. During tech-reliant events, big screen TVs connect the conference rooms to online client meetings and to regional/international offices. Each meeting room is also connected to smart screens and devices, keeping in mind the hybrid model that emerged during the Pandemic and the increase need of working remotely and being connected to virtual channels.

Project details
Location:Dubai International Financial Centre - UAE
Lead designerFADI NACCOUR
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