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Interior | Concept & Unbuilt

Brazilian Seaside House

Studio Schneider Archicture

Project description

The project is proposed in the city Bombinhas, Santa Catarina, Brasil which has a tropical environment. Using the environment as a conceptual idea from its natural harmonic sounds and textures that we proposed a Beach House. The house is divided into a social and private environment, both offering a unique and intimate atmosphere. Composed of high ceilings, natural bright walls, and materials such as wood veneers. This allows the project to blend in with the environment. It is expressed in different ways such as colors being inspired by the tropical surroundings, with local vegetation, straw sieves, carved wood, clay vases, as well as furniture by Brazilian designers that in themselves bring the local history. The rooms approach a monochrome look that allows the user to feel relax and be in a zen mind, actually highlights vibrant elements, such as it is also highlighted in the natural beams and rocks used in the project. With this contemporary and minimalist look, together in an integrated environment.

Project details
Location:Bombinhas - Brazil
Studio NameStudio Schneider Archicture
Lead designerJulia Schneider
Design teamFernanda Maiara Hermes
Photography creditsFernanda Maiara Hermes
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