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Bravou Medical Beauty Hospital


Short description

Located in Chengdu, China, the project is a light luxury fashionable medical beauty hospital that incorporates an independent entrance landscape, a reception lounge, an experience center, a slimming center, a conference center in the VIP treatment area, 10 operating rooms, and 12 luxurious observation wards. The entire space is designed with the theme elements of pine and feather. LED lighting decorations are added to the original exterior without changing the curtain wall structure so that the building presents a brilliance effect in the evening. The original parking area at the entrance has transformed into a delicate small landscape, creating a sense of privacy and ceremony. The height of the reception hall on the ground floor has been raised through curved surfaces. The ceilings and walls combine curves and floodlights to create a soft, warm, and fashionable atmosphere.

Entry details
LocationChengdu, China
Studio NameDESMOOD
Lead designerLi Bing, Ke Xue
Photography creditsDESMOOD
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