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Brasilia Collection

Studio mk27

Short description

Land of Dreams
I would like to talk a bit about the Brazil of the 50's, where magic seemed to loom over this place, a place of dreams. Immigrants from all over the world were welcomed with a lot of affection, while beautiful people languidly walked on the sands of Copacabana. In Sweden, Pelé scores a spectacular goal and makes us world champions. Breathtaking! A musical style of unparalleled elegance emerges from the voice and guitar of João Gilberto, an impeccable city arises from Oscar Niemeyer's and Lúcio Costa's drawing boards. I once saw, in a documentary, Marcel Breuer mention to Lúcio Costa that while the rest of the world was caught in a hateful war, Brazil was building the future with sophisticated and technological architecture. After João, came Vinícius, Caetano, Chico, Gil, Rita and Gal. In Architecture: Burle, Rino, Lelé, Affonso, Vilanova, Paulo and Lina, the ingenious Italian immigrant, and many others, also blessed with that magic. The "Brasilia" collection we designed, is a homage to this beautiful moment. A moment we should remember so that we may be inspired, and dream about this world that existed one day!
The Brasília collection has an ultra-precise, contemporary, minimal style, rooted in Brazilian modernism. A family of furniture with a highly innovative profile that reinterprets shapes from the past, transforming their apparent simplicity into a form of real beauty that conceals an intricately complex design concept, juxtaposing different materials with strong powers of expression. A design that looks to the future, made to stand the test of time and become a new classic.
The family hosts a range of seats, tables and storage units for different environments, from the living to the night area, including sofas, elements with one armrest, an armchair and ottoman, and a varied selection for the bedroom.

Entry details
LocationSão Paulo - Brazil
Studio Name Studio mk27
Lead designerMarcio Kogan, Mariana Ruzante, Diana Radomysler
Photography creditsMinotti
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