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Braga Public Market

APTO - Arquitetura

Project description

Braga’s Public Market is located on the fringe of its city center and forms a block on its own. The original building is from the 50’s and is a legacy from the former Portuguese dictatorial regime architectural style. The main goal in this intervention was the renewal of the existing structure, while preserving core features and to expand it by creating a canopy and a new wing enclosing the building. By adapting its functional distribution, operational fluxes, sanitary conditions, and also by adding new complementary valences such as a food court, waste deposition systems and delivery oriented infrastructures this equipment leaped to the XXI st century. In this project’s process were applied generative design principles in order to achieve a faster and more assertive form finding phase, as well as parametric design principles that allowed the prefabrication and assembly on site of most of the new building elements, thus optimizing time and material resources.

Project details
Location:Braga, Portugal
Studio NameAPTO - Arquitetura
Lead designerLuis Santos
Design teamLuís Santos, Rui Araújo, Rui Machado, André Nunes, Miguel Basílio, Brimet Silva (SPECTROOM)
Photography creditsFernando Guerra | FG+SG, Município de Braga, Costeira Engenharia
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