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Landscape | Public Space

Boundless Theater

Guanzhuscape Design Studio

Short description

Boundless theater is the village community in the central park, located at the bottom of a valley. the original cherry blossom forest of the site is well retained and a new public theater was gently placed into it based on the design philosophy expressing the endless time and space. Architect uses the mono material steel to create an open art space connecting people’s activity and nature, representing the artistic conception of "A Tale of the Peach Blossom Garden" written by Tao Yuanming, a Chinese writer in the Jin Dynasty.
Design itself meant to break the boundary of traditional stage to invite nature and people come in, allowing all performances interact with the audience freely. Architect also acts as constructor on site, to track with the complex site info in order to protect the cherry tree. In the absence of design drawings, Architect worked with workers all the time to weave this building by hand.
Boundless Theater expresses three cores:
1. Respecting the Art through space and craft;
2. Shaping a space deeply integrating architecture and nature;
3. Creating a theater not only being a place for performance, but also a medium for communication.

Entry details
Lead designerKong Xiangwei
Photography credits-
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