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Boqueria West 40th Street

studio razavi architecture

Project description

There are invariably specific feelings associated to tapas bars & restaurants: they are friendly, familiar, warm and culinary uplifting experiences. A communion of sort between People, Space and Food. Our design here aimed at creating a strong sense of place by opting for a skin-like layer of wood slats on both ceilings and walls, separate from structural walls & ceilings so as to have full control of the geometry. A simple design intent which allows for different room sizes to be created, shifting from grand to intimate, celebrating the centrally located bar and kitchen space as focal point of perspective. Material selection is limited to wood, marble counter tops, blackened steel and black cement floor tiles. Custom designed light fixtures further enhance the experience by delineating seating areas and tables. Attention to details greatly contributes in creating a space that has the right scale, regardless of how tall the ceilings (some at 22') and connecting walls to ceilings was key in providing the right perception of softness overall. Creating a variety of spatial qualities was equally important so as to offer clients multiple experiences and dining options. The lighting and decorative schemes also take these variations into account so as to always provide the adequate scale. The total square footage of the space is 3,500 and allows for 200 seats with a variety of seating & table typologies (bar, separate tables, communal tables...).

Project details
Location:New York, US
Studio Namestudio razavi architecture
Lead designerAlireza Razavi
Photography creditsSimone Bossi
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