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Bonbon is a gift for our inner child. Spreading charm and cheer, this bold rug collection fearlessly defies the norms of traditional designs. This collection exudes an irresistible sense of fun, injecting a delightful ambiance into any space.

Serving as a conduit to evoke cherished memories, it offers an immersive experience that resonates across cultures and generations. Its quirky, larger-than-life candy wrapper motifs serve as gateways to a treasure trove of nostalgia, transporting beholders to the celebratory moments and carefree days of youth.

The manufacturer's impeccable attention to detail ensures that every stroke of color in the whimsical illustration leaps forth from the rug’s surface with striking vivacity. Printed with state-of-the-art machinery, each fiber is a testament to the craftsmanship that transforms a mere area rug into a work of art.

Bonbon's distinctiveness lies in its ability to transcend boundaries. Its universally recognizable candy-inspired design transcends cultural barriers, allowing individuals from all walks of life to find resonance in its playful aesthetics. The generic candy wrapper design serves as an open invitation for people to infuse their own cultural nuances and personal narratives, fostering a sense of inclusivity and a shared connection through the power of design.

The seamless fusion of vibrant colors, a textured background reminiscent of a glass candy bowl, and the mesmerizing floating candy illusion reflects the artistic vision and technical prowess that has been masterfully woven into this collection.

Designed for contract use, Bonbon is remarkably soft and plush, defying convention to set a new standard for printed carpets. Available in round or rectangular custom sizes, each piece is crafted to order, minimizing waste and exemplifying the collection's commitment to sustainability.

Transporting us to joyful moments with its superior craftsmanship, universal appeal, and commitment to sustainability, Bonbon is cementing its legacy as an icon of creativity.

Entry details
LocationToronto, Canada
Lead designerKeith Rushbrook and Dan Menchions
Design teamYo2
Photography creditsREPUBLIC OF II BY IV and Yo2
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