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Blissful Architectural Visions

Yousee Studio

Short description

Architecture does not exist in isolation; it serves as a response to the questions posed by society...

Throughout this year, our pursuit of maximum photorealism has remained unwavering as we crafted 3D visualizations.

In terms of concept, we chose to center our focus on the notion of "joyconomy". In light of recent events of people constantly experiencing stress and hardships, social demand for positive emotions has developed. Naturally, we couldn't overlook this phenomenon and felt compelled to address it.

Our works exude vibrant and inspiring colors that effortlessly evoke a sense of pure joy when beheld. Furthermore, we emphasized the harmonious integration of architectural forms with the natural surroundings, recognizing that connection to nature is vital in augmenting human happiness and overall satisfaction with life.

Our collection of 8 images starts with an image called "Cloud City Chronicles" with a flash of light blasting through the building, representing the need for life and a spark of hope during hard times...

Entry details
LocationUnited Kingdom
Studio Name Yousee Studio
Lead designerAnastasia Tarasova
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