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Bitcoin City

Fernando Romero Enterprise FR-EE

Short description

The New City of EL Salvador.

Bitcoin city will be developed in the East of the country. Together with a new airport and a sea port, it will become the most ambitious regional development undertaken by El Salvador.

This new city will mark the new moment of our civilization. It will be a new urban planning with an environmental conscience due to Bitcoin City generating its’ own energy from the volcano located at the perimeter. This will show a new humanitarian city plan.

The city will become a catalyst for investment by local and foreign businesses, who will become principal players in this new cycle of contemporary living.

In Bitcoin City, companies linked to the mining of cryptocurrency will be welcomed, as well as technology companies that will come to invest due to their interest in becoming part of this innovative, smart-city model. A number of incentives for investors will make this city a reference on how to make a city both efficient and sustainable at the same time.

The citizen is the central focus in the design of Bitcoin City. Their mobility will be clean and their way of working comfortable. The new public space will be the culmination of decades of research on what humans need to live well in an anti-inflationary economy.

The city has been designed to be built in stages. As a decentralized system, investment can be regulated according to growth needs. The city will have a large central plaza with a museum that will become a world attraction, showing exhibitions about the history of money. There will also be intelligent buildings with the latest technologies, as well as a large, multipurpose arena that will show events of all kinds, and become the epicenter for concerts in the region.

Entry details
LocationEl Salvador
Lead designerFernando Romero
Design teamRomain Thijsen, Emma Noordman, Gerardo Arrieta, Alejandra Soto, German Sandoval, Daniel Flores, Libia Castilla, Adriana Merchant, Yaduit Díaz
Photography creditsFernando Romero Enterprise
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