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Beymen Group

Yalın Tan + Partners

Short description

The workplace for Beymen, Turkey’s luxury retailer, occupies the whole building in Vadi Istanbul multi use complex, providing workplaces for Beymen Group brands and their team members, including designers, sales-managers, market analysts and IT-professionals. Each floor of a 10 storey building is occupied by a separate brand or department. At the main entrance on the ground floor the reception area with reception desk, lounge seating and meeting spaces are located to accomodate the visitors. Bespoke wall panelling around the reception area mimics the folds of the fabric and supports the design narrative created for the workplace of the retail company. The shared cafeteria for all team members offering various group seating arrangements is situated on the basement floor.
Open offices and break-out areas are aligned along the full-height facade glazing on that side of the building which is facing the park, so employees could enjoy the beautiful view of lush greenery during their work day.
To accomodate various needs of team memebers each floor suggests different zones for formal and informal meatings with conference and soft seating. Glazed partitions are used to separate meeting rooms and private cabinets from the open office to take advantage of the natural light and to create a transparent and airy workplace. The basic color palette of white, grey and black with natural wood and stone surfaces as accents creates a clean and cozy backdrop for creative work performed by designers at the workplace. Wall textile panels and ceiling buffles ensure the required acoustic characteristics of shared and enclosed spaces.
When choosing the finishings the preference to locally sourced materials was given.
Each floor is designed as an environment with no physical barriers, in one level, meaning that all users, including those with mobily disabilities, can easily navigate the space of each department and use the elevator to get to another floor.

Entry details
LocationIstanbul - Turkey
Lead designerYalın Tan
Design teamMehmet Yasin Altındal, Cenk Altun, Mehmet Macid Aksu, Betül Tuğrul, Pınar Alper, Aygün Altun, Yaşar Güney
Photography creditsIbrahim Ozbunar
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