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Be the Light in Suzhou

Short description

By constructing the starry sky with ultra-modern and simple aesthetics, the designer tries to create a futuristic aesthetic space for people in busy metropolises. In terms of design, the designer mainly creates tranquility and nature through the layers of rich colors and materials, and abandon traditional heavy commercial design of sales offices to create a free and comfortable environment for visit and negotiation. Under the theme of “Interstellar Odyssey”, the reception hall looks solemn and spacious, with light and shadow scattered on the wall. The entrance is lined with futuristic star bears to add to a sense of ceremony to the reception. The magic colored glass of the reception desk echoes with the luminous cement material of the background wall, and the light strip on the ground sets off the romantic atmosphere of being in the stars. Though being free from the business and quietness, city dwellers are surrounded by myriad twinkling lights of the city. however, lines have the power to draw the outline of the starry sky. The poetic orbit remains the inspiration for the sand table area. People feel a sense of purity at the sight of smooth lines and elegant colors. As such, an “island in the air” comes into being. The sand table area is decorated with liquid metal to create a flowing aesthetic feeling. The artistic lacquer suspended ceiling on the top is light and flexible, which looks like the clouds hovering over the island, as well as the trajectory of a planet floating in space. As for the design of the water bar area, the designer uses modern golden brown color as the main tone. The background material is decorated with liquid metal, which is fashion-forward. Though seemingly being individual and independent, it coordinates with the whole space.

Entry details
Location:Suzhou - China
Studio NameYourzone Design
Lead designerHao Wu, Yan Zhao
Design teamZheng Wang, Linsheng Guo, Yingbo Ma, Jun Xiao, Kaiwen Tang, Song Liu, Kaihua Wang, Lingling Qiao, Ruilin Qi, Shini Ni, Zao Wang, Xinyue Zhang
Photography creditsLapsemotion
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