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Bay Mega Mansion

MU Design

Short description

The project's design incorporates a series of elegant arcs carved into the landscape, forming a series of grade changes leading up to the building from the seafront. The calm, curved water feature provides a
reflective visual base for the architecture, rippling in the gentle sea breeze. The simple yet refined hi-tech glass curtain wall and metal cornice above extend horizontally, strikingly curved at one end and poetically evoking associations with water and ideas of fluidity and movement.
MU Design's The BAY further develops the dynamic scale and contemporary nature of the building's external architecture in the interior's smooth curves and bold visual impact, while further framing and deepening the theme of the sea in various custom designed and built elements. The high-ceilinged space, restrained white color palette, and tasteful furniture create a calmly compelling atmosphere, immersing visitors in natural light and subtly guiding them towards views of the sea - a timeless source of physical and mental renewal.
Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by the long, sculpted curve of the reception area wall, flanked by an art installation over 4 meters in height created from traditional handmade Japanese paper entitled "Surge". MU Design chose the paper for its translucent quality to express the concept of waves of water captured in time, and engaged in a painstaking process of testing its structure, strength, and light transmittance with local craftsmen. The result is a work of refined complexity and texture which appears to float during the day, and glow from within during the night.
Turning to the 3D model display area, a striking installation composed of hundreds of spherical light bulbs forms a stylish cloud suspended from the ceiling. Taken together in the space with benches formed from clear glass, they complement views of a forest of fir trees planted adjacent to the building. On the south side of the building, a series of elegant Maxmarko sofa populate the 7.8 meters high space, where visitors are presented with an impressive view of the sea and an expansive pin tree coastline scenary.
At the far end of the space lies a reading area with a 270° panorama of the surroundings, including a magnificent unbroken view of the Marina. Flos floor lamps are spaced between comfortable armchairs, contributing to the calm and relaxing ambience. A delicate glass shelf reflects the light from the sea, behind a bar composed of a simple white volume. A long, custom-made teak table occupies the space in front of the bar, accompanied by wood and leather chairs and a selection of books from Qingdao's Fangsuo bookstore.
Atop the building, a minimal glass balustrade eliminates as much as possible the separation between the terrace roof garden and the sea - the glistening waves seem almost within reach when sitting under the beach umbrellas provided here. The eye-catching terrace chairs were inspired by the shapes and forms of clouds, while MU Design customized a whale sculpture that spans nearly 4 meters, a symbolic association between nature and the extraordinary vista provided from this vantage point.

Entry details
LocationQingdao - China
Studio NameMU Design
Lead designerZhou Zhiqing, Li Zhen
Photography creditsingallery
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